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Environmentally Friendly buildings from Sustainable Timber


Holz100 System - Waldklause Hotel - The Worlds quietest hotelIn the Tyrolean community of Längenfeld, the Auer family built the 4-star hotel Waldklause. Their aim was to build the quietest possible hotel – out of wood.

They selected the Thoma Holz100 system, which is characterized by practically no settlement. Only this type of construction method would enable them to build a three-story, hundred-bed project corresponding to the most modern building standards.

The principle of the transformation of sound into warmth is illustrated impressively by the solid wood elements of the Holz100 system. Thanks to the dry, wood-dowelled layers and an intricate, double-shelled assembly, a never-before achieved level of sound insulation in a wood building became reality: 63 dBA.

More and more innovative hoteliers are taking advantage of the possibilities of the Holz100 system and, with Thoma, are building the world's quietest timber hotels. A reward for all the senses: to be embedded in the warm security of massive wood free of glues.

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