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Environmentally Friendly buildings from Sustainable Timber

Residential: Standard House Build


There are numerous advantages to using a prefabricated system for residential buildings: Virtually any building design can be constructed using The Wood 100 system, the system can be designed by your architect to your requirements. It is then engineered in Austria, taking into account your exact specifications.

The erection of the structure of the house takes typically 3 to 5 days, which is dramatically quicker than traditional building methods. This reduction in the time that builders are on site reduces their costs.

The short time until wind and watertight allows following trades to get into the house quickly, and because the position of all services is determined ahead of delivery the time needed by electricians and plumbers is also reduced.

With its very high levels of insulation and thermal mass the home will be easier to heat and cheaper to run. Investing in the structure means that you may not need the complex bells and whistles of a typical ‘eco house’ after all.

Prefabrication means that the Wood 100 site is a tidy site, and a tidy site is likely to be a safer site.

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