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Environmentally Friendly buildings from Sustainable Timber

Is it possible to have your own architect?

Yes. Accurate drawings are required for any quote and planning submission. If you do not have an architect we can either recommend one, or you could contact The Royal Institute of British Architects (RIBA). Click Here for the RIBA Online Directory.

Does Wood 100 cost more than traditional methods of construction?

The material costs for Wood 100 are more expensive than traditional building materials.
There are significant labour, time and energy savings when using Wood 100.
Houses can be made wind and watertight within a week, with the traditional equivalent being up to five weeks.

Are foundations required?

Yes. The amount of foundations required will depend on what is below the ground where the structure is due to sit.
Pile driven foundations are encouraged due to speed and accuracy. Pillar foundations are possible in certain circumstances.

What ability is there to add/re-route services after build? e.g. add bathroom

Services are surface routed into walls, usually below the skirting board. This allows for easy access for additional services and maintainance.

Fire hazard

Wood 100 has a better fire rating than iron and concrete. The surface chars at 1200 degrees kelvin for 90 minutes but the structure maintains strength.

Is ventilation required?

As wood breathes there is no forced ventilation required over and above natural ventilation stipulated by UK building control.

Planning implications compared with standard house

Planning is generally concerned with the look of a building. Wood 100 provides the bit you don't see - i.e. it is clad on the outside, and the inside at the occupants discretion, so planners would only object to the external design if it was not in keeping with their regional specifications.

Long term value compared with standard house

Wood 100 have seen their values in the EU maintained significantly better than similar houses made out of traditional building materials. The main reason being the significant reduction in energy running costs, which can be up to 90%.

Ease of sale compared with standard house

There should only be benefits in ease of sale as Wood 100 can look however you want it to look, as well as being healthier, significantly cheaper to run, and stronger than other mainstream construction types.

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