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Environmentally Friendly buildings from Sustainable Timber

Benefits of the Holz100 System

100% Pure Wood

100% WoodWood throughout – untreated and free from toxins – for a perfect room climate, breathing walls without mould or condensation. No shrinking, cracking or warping, due to cross layering of wooden boards and beams within the wall assembly.

Natural Health

Comfortable living surrounded by 100% pure wood means no toxic gassing or leaking from glues, solvents or other chemicals. A solid wood environment fosters relaxation and rejuvenation.


Internal Environment

The actual mass of a Holz100™ house ensures comfortable warmth in the winter and cooling in the summer.  Holz100™ guarantees an environment with balanced temperatures and humidity.  This is a unique feature which can only be achieved by
walls, ceilings  and roofs all being made of  Holz100™.   Holz100™ simultaneously  insulates, stores and balances temperatures perfectly.

Sustainably Harvested Wood

Timber used for Holz100™ originates exclusively in Austria and is harvested at the right time. That means, harvesting only during the winter months (i.e. no sap flow)
and within the waning lunar phase. It is only sourced from sustainable forests, and because this type of wood has no nutritional value for insects it is almost insect proof.  It is also more compact, has a higher density than normal wood and is therefore more durable.

Fire Protection

Wood100Holz100™´s fire protection is 3-5 times better than timber frame, metal stud or brick buildings.  A Holz100™ house can withstand flames of 900 to 1000°C for 150 minutes without losing structural integrity. This exceeds all minimum time
limits required by EU and UK building codes.

Patents, Trademark and Copyright

We hold international patents, trademarks and copyrights for all Holz100™ products.  We guarantee that when building with Holz100™ you will only get original products, manufactured and delivered by Thoma or licensed partner companies.

Holz100™:  An Award Winning Building System

All product features of Holz100™ were tested and certified by recognized research institutes, such as the Universities of Vienna and Graz, University of the German Army in Munich, the Fraunhofer Institute in Stuttgart, and the Institute for Fire Protection and Safety Technology in Linz. 

The Energy Efficient House

Wood by itself has great insulation values.  However, Holz100™´s thermo system is approximately twice as good as regular or glued wood.  This quality allows us to construct energy efficient buildings with thin walls (30 – 40cm thick including exterior wood cladding) and greatly reduces costs associated with heating or cooling.

Thermal Mass

A significant feature of the Holz100™ building system is that it is thermally massive, meaning that once heated it takes a very long time to cool. In this way the structure retains heat for significantly longer periods than lightweight timber frames. This ability to retain heat reduces the demand on the heating system to constantly bring the house up to a comfortable temperature.

In addition to reducing winter heating costs this same ability will keep the house cool against the summer sun.

Radiation Protection

A Holz100™ house almost completely blocks high frequency waves (i.e. from telephone towers) without interfering with the natural magnetic field of the earth.

Sound Protection

Holz100™ sets a new standard in sound protection and noise reduction.  Several hotels have been built in Holz100™ as they provide a quiet, calming environment.  

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