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Environmentally Friendly buildings from Sustainable Timber


Holz100 - The Thoma patented system The Thoma patent for wall, roof and ceiling systems is called Holz100™ – it is made of 100% wood. Vertical and horizontal wood elements are densely layered without gaps, to become solid and compact construction elements.  Kiln-dried wooden dowels penetrate these layers in the full strength of the wall element. Once in position, thedowels soak up any residual moisture and swell like growing branches into the surroundingwood. Thanks to the strong connecting power of the dowels, a massive, solid whole is created out of the individual parts.


In Japan, Holz100™ homes have weathered the strongest earthquakes undamaged. Holz100™ dwellings of up to 5 stories can be built easily. What is particularly special about the Holz100™ patent is the fact that it is 100% wood. It is an integrated and durable element created without the use of glues and metals.

Constructing a frame of diverse materials increases the risk of structural damage, for example from the effects of mould formation and condensation and from the danger of faulty and/or leaky connections.

Constructing a frame with a single material offers many advantages: Holz100™elements are 100% protected against condensation and wind and provide noise and thermal insulation. Layers of glue in wood hinder thenatural breathing capability of wood, but because Holz100™ walls are dowelled not glued, they remain breathable.

Thermal mass

A significant feature of the Holz100 building system is its excellent thermal mass properties.  This means that once a house has been heated it takes a long time to cool down.  Holz100 structures retain heat much longer than brick or timber frame systems.  This ability to retain heat reduces the demand on the heating system, keeping the house warm in winter and cool in summer.


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