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Environmentally Friendly buildings from Sustainable Timber

Naturally warm in Winter, cool in Summer

Holz100 in the UKThoma Holz100 homes have two important characteristics: without additional insulation, they are warm in winter yet cool in the summer.

Normally, rapid temperature fluctuations in the home are unpleasant for the inhabitants: cold weather sets in suddenly, the house is cold and the heating is turned on; as soon as the heat is turned off when the weather gets warm outside, the house itself heats up. This is the proverbial "barracks" environment as is known from light construction styles.

Thanks to Mother Nature, Thoma Holz100 compensates for fluctuations in temperature and humidity. There is no other construction material that insulates so well yet simultaneously buffers against heat and cold. In summer, Holz100 is a natural air-conditioning.


Air quality – Humidity Field experiment, winter 2001/2002

Stable indoor Climate with Wood100Three identical moisture measuring devices were placed in three brick homes, three wood frame homes and in three Holz100 homes.

It was extremely cold in January, with temperatures reaching minus 25° (Celsius). In the brick and wood frame homes, the level of humidity fluctuated between 20% and 30%.

In Holz100 homes, the levels were always over 50%!

This is a marked difference and one which determines whether you feel well or whether you become ill in your own home (e.g. bronchitis, respiratory illnesses etc.).

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