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Thoma Holz100 can protect you

Protection against radiationThe amount of high frequency radiation we are exposed to continues to increase, but we remain safe and protected inside Thoma Holz100 walls!

Using a Thoma Holz100 wall, the Universit├Ąt der Bundeswehr in Munich was able to document a prominent characteristic of the natural material wood: unlike other common construction materials, a Thoma Holz100 wall can screen up to 99.9% of harmful high frequency radiation.

Cell phone towers and other sources of radiation are no longer a reason to worry because building with Holz100 means 100% security.

More information about the scientific data obtained in radiation experiments at the Universit├Ąt der Bundeswehr in Munich can be viewed at the Thoma Timber Research Center in Goldegg, near Salzburg.

Another important point:
common metal-based protection systems currently on the market (screens, films, sealants, metal oxide additives in bricks, etc.) can cause the earth's magnetic forces to "go crazy."

Holz100, on the other hand, protects naturally and maintains the given north-south polarity of your living environment.

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