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Environmentally Friendly buildings from Sustainable Timber


Holz100 is the 'shell' of a building. It is the structure and the insulation rolled into one, made up in elements which are craned into place.  The average three bedroom house can be made wind and water tight in a matter of days.


The Guiding Principle

Roof, walls and ceilings are built with a single material: timber. Solid wood elements, free of metals and glues, joined by dowels: this is Holz100. This invention improves thermal insulation, heat and fire resistance, and radiation protection at record-breaking levels.

At the same time, a Holz100 solid wood construction envelops its dwellers with pure wood from renewable sources. A unique living environment that provides more positive energy, health, security and sustainability is the prime advantage for the inhabitants of a Holz100 home.

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